We Focus On Improving Your Online Sales From Day ONE!

Enhanced Website Development

We focus our websites around the key areas that have the biggest impact.

  • Strong Page Functionality
  • User-Friendly Navigation
  • Money Making Conversion Tools
  • Advanced Marketing Techniques
  • Responsive Mobile Design

Existing Website Renovation

We provide a deep analysis for online growth areas of your existing website to deliver:

  • Increased Sales and Performance
  • Strong Conversion Techniques
  • High Impact Email Programs
  • Improved Click-Action
  • Focus on Top Product Orientation

Your Online Marketing AND Technical Team - In One Place!

Website Sales Improvements

Strong selling techniques are our strength. We focus on an optimized multi-device user experience with clear navigation, top product orientation, telegraphic promotional messaging, strong cross selling/upselling, and a low friction checkout.


Email Sales Improvements

Our integrated email programs will generate 15%-20% of your online sales.  We will help you implement a comprehensive array of trigger and promotional blast programs that will ensure strong customer retention and new buyer conversion - GUARANTEED!


Merchandising Done Right

Our revolutionary CurveCompass Merchandising System uses key historical data and planning tools to ensure that the products that make up 80% of your revenue and profits are getting priority on your website and all of your online marketing efforts.


Mobile Conversion Improvements

The shift to mobile is here and cannot be ignored.  We review your mobile metrics and make recommendations that focus on friction points and usability strategies that can have a critical impact on your mobile sales.


Magento Support Services

We have a dedicated team of over 10 certified Magento programmers that can provide crucial ongoing support for your existing Magento platform, custom extensions or applications,  or provide full Magento migrations and upgrades.


Improvements - Day ONE

Our first step in working together will be to determine the key conversion improvements, email and promotional strategies, and merchandising analysis that can have the most profound and immediate affect on your overall sales and bottom line.