CurveCompass – Grow With Products

Free Merchandising and Marketing PlanGrow Your Business By Growing Your Products.

Find product opportunities to strategically grow your business.

Top Product Performance analysis along with external metrics can help you determine the overall focus of your company long-term. Opportunities will arise through analysis that will point you to a stronger competitive position as well as a stronger online business.

Ability to focus more in particular product areas

Past product performance will lead you to product areas that show strong potential for your business. Your ability to focus on these areas may change the total complexion of your business long-term and lead to sustained success.

Expand new product development in these areas

High performing product areas will lead you to focus your new product development and allow you to potentially dominate a particular product area.

Develop microsite applications

If you grow your products effectively there maybe potential for the development of microsites. We have done it and will give you recommendations of when the time is right for you and how to do it.

Dominate SEM marketing

If you have the good fortune of having strong performing categories that also have a lot of online demand as defined by your SEM marketing efforts, you will have a pathway to effective new customer acquisition initiatives that can in fact build your business


How Does Your Company Benefit From Strategic Growth Through Products?

Your business is your products.  Know your products and GROW your products!


The President

"This really helps clarify my strategic product strategies"


The Marketer

"Now I can work with our Merchandiser to identify longer term opportunities with real clarity."


The Merchandiser

"Now I can work with our Marketing team to identify potential product and category opportunities."


The Purchaser

"I have intelligence to plan product cost opportunities with my vendors because I know what areas we are really planning to explode."