CurveCompass – Performance Monitoring

Free Merchandising and Marketing PlanTrack Success With Performance Monitoring.

Get "read and react" reporting when you need it.

Performance reporting allows you to keep track of product performance and respond to changes accordingly. In addition to a the full suite of category, subcategory, and product performance reports, you will have access to dashboards that outline key areas to focus on now and into the future.

All the tools to allow your team to make the necessary adjustments to meet your merchandising plan goals and continue to boost your bottom line.

Performance Dashboard - A Glance At Progress

How are you performing compared to your plan? How can you increase positive trends or change direction on any downward trends?  This monthly report has all you need to get the current state of your business.

Performance Dashboard

Forecasting Dashboard - A Glimpse Ahead

This unique report is actual crystal ball gazing.  Based on historical data and merchandising plan data for the upcoming period (upcoming week, month, or 3 months), you will have an eye on the future.

Forecasting Dashboard

Category, and Subcategory Breakdowns

Which categories and subcategories should be reviewed to increase performance? Do the trends require purchase adjustments? What can marketing do to increase winners and decrease the losers? It's all in the reports.

Based on our historical reporting report structures,  the performance reports help your team make crucial "read and react" adjustments to your marketing and merchandising strategies that will allow for continued sales improvements.

The plan performance reporting allows you to:

  • Compare to your plan (if you have one)
  • Compare to the previous year
  • Sort by sales, orders, margin dollars, margin percentage and Curve Score
Plan Performance Reports
Plan Performance - Products

Individual Top Product Family and Individual Product trends

Top product families and individual product performance reports will allow you to review:

  • Product winners - keep the momentum going.
  • Top product losers - make adjustments and get them back on track.
  • Overstocks and products that may require adjustments to the purchasing plan to prevent stock outs.

Don't Forget Your PIM.

Now that your plan has been built and you are starting to review your performance, the opportunities for improving the bottom line are not limited to your company's marketing efforts.  Purchasing and merchandising influences can have a huge impact.  Reviewing cost and merchandising opportunities through the Product Information Management (PIM) tabs in your product profile reports can make up for lost ground or knock your profits out of the park.

Additional Performance Reporting Your Team Will Love:

Overstock and Clearance Report
You will get a report that will show top Overstock and Clearance products that should be promoted and reduced to generate valuable cash that can be used to generate more sales.

"Sold-Out" Prevention Report
You will get a report that will show top products that could potentially be a "sold-out". The focus is on top products that could affect business.

"Read and React" Merchandising and Marketing Support
Want to work with us directly? We offer our marketing and merchandising expertise to review your results and help you set priorities and marketing initiatives for the next three months.

How Does Your Company Benefit From Powerful Performance Reporting?

Keep everyone focused and informed with comprehensive "read and react" reporting.


The President

"Finally - we have reporting that keeps me informed on how we are doing against our plan.  It was like pulling an arm and a leg to get anything like this before."


The Marketer

"I love this! Every week I have a new set of products and categories that need to be in the front and center of my marketing channels.  No guesswork!"


The Merchandiser

"We may have planned it one way, but these performance dashboards are living, breathing things.  I can focus my product opportunities around what is actually happening."


The Purchaser

"I have weekly and monthly status reports on my inventory and demand.  This makes the process of staying on top of stock levels so much easier!"