The CurveCompass Merchandising System

A Revolutionary Top Product Positioning, Planning, and Reporting Tool

The CurveCompass Merchandiser takes the guesswork, time and effort out of promoting the right product on your website. It does it by utilizing the following:

  • Analyzing: Easily look at Historical Product Trends from every angle
  • Planning: Develop accurate Strategic Merchandising Plans to boost your bottom line
  • Implementing: Know exactly the right product to promote on your website, catalog, SEM and email every week with strategies to ensure success
  • Monitoring: Monthly Read and React reporting to keep  track of product performance as compared to your plan
  • Growing: Find product opportunities to strategically grow your business

Instant Trend Analysis

  • Compare historical trends
  • Uncover top product focus
  • Outline seasonality
  • Analyze new product performance
  • Determine planning focus

Easy Product Planning

  • Build a comprehensive 12 month plan
  • Develop multiple planning scenarios
  • Improve buying power
  • Increase sales and profitability
  • Discover new product possibilities

Instant Implementation

  • Accurately position top products on your site
  • Provide strong direction to your designers and marketing team.
  • Improve SEM/PPC and Email programs with product focus
  • Plan promotions to increase sales

Read & React Reporting

  • Weekly and monthly reporting on product plan performance
  • Identify new opportunities and how to take advantage of them
  • Monitor Clearance and Overstocks
  • Marketing initiative support

Growing Your Business

With the wealth of data and plan comparison tools and reporting, you will be able to identify top product categories that will profoundly expand your business. These insights will ultimately allow you to monitor the scalability of these high-potential areas to consider deeper marketing strategies such as microsites and offline channel opportunities.

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