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Optimize Your Current Website with System Upgrades,High Converting Marketing Techniques and New Product Development.

  • Professional installation of the latest editions of Magento®
  • Marketing strategies that increase sales & conversions
  • Product development tailored to meet your specific needs

Curve Commerce will create the ideal website to fit your business needs that will embrace new advances in eCommerce technology. You can depend on Curve Commerce online marketing experts and Magento-proficient technicians to keep your business on the cutting edge.

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Website Renovation

If your current Magento® website isn’t generating the sales and conversions you need, the Curve Commerce marketing experts can jumpstart performance with proven selling techniques. We begin with a fact-finding process that analyzes the key online metrics of various sales channels. After comparing them with your competitors and industry benchmarks, we formulate a strategy and provide a roadmap that will bring immediate results.

Program Installation

The Curve Commerce professional services and consulting team has a proven methodology for the installation of Magento® applications and extensions. Whether you are on the Magento® Community, Professional or Enterprise Edition, our experienced team of certified Magento® developers will provide a seamless and timely implementation of the latest program advances and upgrades.

Systems Integration

As a multi-channel merchant you must be able to easily access real-time information from online, offline, email and mobile sources. And, your Magento® website must connect with the varied platform configurations of your eCommerce partners and affiliates. With the Curve Commerce sophisticated system integration and data management capabilities, all of your business processes work in concert with each other efficiently and effortlessly.

Custom Software Design

If the eCommerce solution you seek is not available from Magento® or third party providers, the Curve Commerce Professional Services Group can build it for you. Our skilled analysts and technicians assess your needs, then design, develop and implement the custom application. Following launch, they closely monitor performance and provide any necessary technical support.

Multi-Platform Support

Although our Curve Commerce Professional Services Group specializes in Magento® installations and support, their vast knowledge of multiple eCommerce business systems and programming languages enables them to provide various support services across numerous non-Magento® website platforms. And their reliable customer service, 24/7 availability and favorable pricing options is available to large companies and small.

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