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Most companies are concerned about promoting their brand and often times disregard the needs of their visitors to make it easy to buy their products. A Curve Commerce Website is built on high functionality based on helping the visitor find what they want on the site and then making it easy for them to buy on the site. There is a lot involved with doing this effectively.

That’s why marketing and strong sales improvements programs are at the heart of the Curve Commerce Magento based platform.

The Curve Commerce marketing and sales team has over 150 years of sales and marketing improvement experience dealing with hundreds of clients and reading thousands of online results. This expertise has led to the development of very strong website functionality guaranteed to improve your sales performance for a long time.

Our marketing process of developing a website is very thorough. It takes proper planning to build an effective website and to maximize your online sales potential.

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Here is our approach:

Analyze your past online performance.

We analyze all of your past results to find out what works, what doesn’t and what should be enhanced. The conclusions are integrated into an overall online sales and marketing improvement strategy that serves as a template for all future planning. This also includes your email programs as well.

Do you know what your competitors are doing?

We perform a study on major online competitors to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Our goal is to make sure your company has the strongest sales position for your category on the Internet. We will also use our vast experience to identify the successful marketing methods of other companies that may be similar to your business model.

Do you know what makes you different?

We help define your unique sales position (USP) which if properly promoted will set you apart from your online competitors. Then we’ll show you how to promote your USP throughout your site.

Do you make the most of your best-sellers?

Concentrating on your key product categories and products is the highest and best use of your marketing efforts and expenditures. We will identify your top product areas and devise a system to ensure they are featured on the major areas of your website.

We will develop a merchandising plan.

We will analyze past product performance and develop an overall merchandising plan that identifies when and how much to promote a category, sub-category or product. This extensive plan will be updated on a monthly basis.

Are you making it as easy as possible for visitors to buy?

We combine proven functionality with our vast conversion experience to make your website easy to use. These are usability techniques we have developed over time and based on proven success of hundreds of clients.

Are you using selling techniques that work?

We will suggest proven marketing principles to increase sales performance. They include effective calls to action, strong promotional offers and short deadlines to encourage the user to act now. We will make suggestions for cross-selling and upselling to increase the average order size. We will also enhance your email program to keep customers buying and prospects converting.

Online marketing is complex and ever-changing. Let our Curve Commerce experts lead you in the right direction. Curve Commerce incorporates the latest in website marketing and sales usability techniques to insure top performance. We are constantly improving our website platform to insure future growth in your sales.

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