Personalizing For Growth

Conversion rates increase dramatically with dynamic merchandising to individual customers.

Because the powerful Curve Commerce database stores and manages all online transactions and user actions, web pages can be personalized to reflect preferences of returning visitors. And compelling, relevant, time-sensitive emails can be sent automatically based on customer demographics, browsing patterns, purchasing history, and referring URLs.

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Curve Commerce enables you to dynamically generate personalized web pages that are designed to increase conversion based the type of visitor to your site. You can also tailor your email programs based on the same information to further increase sales.

Automated Trigger Emails

  • Choose from 10 programs that can be personalized
  • Programs for customers, prospects, and highly qualified prospects
  • Personalize products of interest

Personalized Campaign Emails

  • Personalize creative approach based on fine-tuned segmentation
  • Adjust frequency and offer to optimize conversion

Dynamic Online Promotions

  • Personalized landing pages by source or referring URL
  • Promotions based on traffic:┬á New/Returning/Customers/Loyal Customers
  • Keeping carts and recently viewed items available

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