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We develop turn-key email programs that will immediately improve sales GUARANTEED!

Email is the leading factor for success online and we have a proven history of improving sales, customer retention and inquiry conversion through our proprietary email programs.

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Thrust Email Campaigns

The purpose of a Thrust Email Program is to maintain a constant and focused communication stream with your customers. With our Curve Commerce email marketing strategy, you could double the productivity of your current program. We will map out a detailed 12-month plan for contacting your best customers, reactivating former buyers and converting inquiries.

Automated Trigger Emails

Generate additional sales effortlessly by automatically responding to actions taken on your website. Curve Commerce is a pioneer in the development of time-tested programs. We will design time-released emails with tailored messages guaranteed to recover lost sales from abandoned shopping carts or produce initial or subsequent orders from email subscribers, catalog requesters and past purchasers.

Customer Reactivation

Breathe new life into your customer file with a reactivation email program. Curve Commerce will develop a welcome back strategy with client-tested promotions guaranteed to produce outstanding results. You can instantly select former buyers by last purchase date and amount, and easily send personalized offers to individual segments.

Inquiry Conversion

Encouraging visitors to place their first order requires more than just a single autoresponder. The Curve Commerce inquiry conversion program involves a series of informative, promotional messages that walk them through your online store, showcase your top products and provide compelling reasons to make a purchase. Once we set up your program, it runs automatically and stops immediately upon conversion.

Custom-Designed Templates

Creating effective, relevant emails doesn’t have to be a constant chore. Curve Commerce will custom design a set of easy-to-use templates combining your company’s logo and color palette with our proven marketing techniques.

Real-Time List Management

You will constantly send the right message to the right person at the right time, because each list segment you decide to mail is pulled directly from your Curve Commerce central database where the information is always current. New email subscriptions, online purchases and opt-out requests are processed immediately and managed for you. And, because all of your emails are sent from one location, all suppressions are collected in one master file and automatically removed from each list you select.

Scheduling & Delivery

No need to contract with an outside email service provider. With Curve Commerce, you can schedule and send emails directly from your central dashboard controls. Soft bounces are automatically re-tried and recipients who have opened or clicked, but not purchased can be re-contacted. To ensure optimal delivery, we make sure your emails are inbox-tested and conform to anti-spam regulations and privacy laws. We also have whitelist agreements and feedback loops with all major ISPs.

Read & React Reporting

Drawing meaningful conclusions from your email results depends on analyzing pertinent and timely information. Curve Commerce tracks all of your key email metrics including conversions and sales. The data relates to email delivery dates not user sessions, so it is far more accurate than typical analytics programs. From your central dashboard you can access real-time results by date sent, list segment and offer for all campaign and trigger email programs.

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