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Keep best sellers front and center

Effectively promoting the right product categories and products on your site is critical to your overall success. Oftentimes, a website has so many products that a company has a difficult time promoting the products that will generate the most sales. With the Curve Commerce website we will review your past sales performance and develop our proprietary merchandising program to insure that your top products are promoted at the right time.

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Here are some tips on how to identify, position and market your top products:

Look for star quality

We will do an extensive product analysis to determine outstanding performance in sales volume, number of orders, gross margin, and seasonality. We will rank them to determine your superstars and map out how they should be positioned on your website and in your email programs.

Give them top billing

We give you recommendations on which products get top position on each page, which categories and sub-categories should be promoted in navigation, and what promotional efforts should be taken to improve those that make up 80% of the sales.

Sell the sizzle

Create product pages that showcase the benefits as well as the features of your top performers. Display multiple images with captions, include customer testimonials, and reinforce your company guarantee.

Don't forget orders

Your top products are proven winners and those that generate the most orders are very important because that shows interest. Some of these make excellent cross-sell and up-sell options to increase your average order and in email promotions to encourage more click-throughs and conversions.

You need a plan

We will set up a merchandising plan by week that will take the following into consideration:

  • Seasonality - when to start, focus and end for top products
  • What to promote and in what position
  • What and when to put into clearance
  • What products to buy excess inventory
  • What products to promote to get new buyers
  • Where should new products come from?
  • What products and sub-categories should be a strategic play

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