Why CurveCommerce

Why Choose Curve Commerce?

Curve Commerce provides all the power of the versatile Magento® platform with enhancements that make our website far superior in functionality to focus on increasing sales and growing your business.

Here are just some of the advantages of choosing our website platform:

  • High Conversion eCommerce Functionality

    Our web pages are designed to generate maximum click action on the site to move visitors to put items in their shopping cart and get them to checkout.

  • Strong Online Sales Expertise

    Online marketing and sales generation is the core of our website. Our team is made up of some of the strongest online marketers today and will insure that your website stays current to the ever changing online landscape.

  • High Converting Checkout Functionality

    Our checkout is unique to Magento® and is proprietary to Curve. It combines the efficiency of 4 different checkouts to suite your visitor’s needs; Traditional, Express, Catalog Direct, and Mobile.

  • Advanced Email Marketing Integration

    Email is a prime driver of sales on a website and our platform has proprietary Trigger and Thrust email integration that will allow you to instantly start making sales as soon as the site is turned on and generate an incredible ROI immediately.

  • State of the Art Mobile/Handheld Responsive Design

    Our mobile/handheld responsive design is a high powered sales converter and will adapt to all handheld devices. It will allow you continue to increase sales in this ever growing source.

  • Powerful Marketing & Selling Functionality

    We pride ourselves on delivering website functionality that is geared to maximizing sales through promotion management on the site, advanced cross-selling and upselling, top product management, dynamic personalization, and effective checkout and follow-up email programs.

  • Advance Website Optimization

    We have enhanced the core Magento® platform with super-charged performance and speed.

  • Dynamic Website Personalization

    We have built in the ability for your website to adapt to different types of traffic allowing you to be more promotional and customer service oriented to high-profile visitor segments leading to far greater sales.

  • High Octane Marketing and Technical Support

    We want to maintain our client's growth with expert support in both the technical and marketing area. We are constantly developing new website applications that are geared to making you more money.

  • Easy to use Action Banner Management

    Our Banner Management tool is just one of our innovations that helps you put effective banners on individual pages with ease. This allows you to generate more sales with strong action items.

  • Making Life Easy for You

    We have dealt with hundreds of clients and know that you want a website that will work and can be easily changed if necessary. We build our website to do just that. Minimize your resources Maximize your sales – that is our mantra.

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